Guitarist Cristian Rocco and drummer/percussionist Enrico Catena begun their collaboration in 2001, after more than a decade of playing, as session musicians, with various and different artists in Italy and abroad.
The great passion for smooth jazz, and for what Cristian and Enrico use to refer to as "the California Sound", is strong, since they've always been influenced during their music career by such artists as Lee Ritenour, Larry Carlton, David Benoit - and every production from the legendary record label GRP back in the '80s and '90s.
So in 2003 they decide that the time to realize what has been a life-long dream and ambition has come.
This passion created Westbound.
In 2006 their debut album as Westbound, "Miles away", gathered very positive reviews as well as several spins on radio stations such as
The friendship and the collaboration with L.A. bassist/producer Roberto Vally created their second album, "Gone for a walk", featuring Rick Braun.